The Memory Suite: Designed for Better Care

Busy at Work? Stuck at an Event?

Provide care anywhere, anytime.

Easily create reminders on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
Your reminder will play on time, every time – guaranteed.

Include details like:
  • Voice Reminders – Record your own Voice!
  • Images & Pictures
  • Time of Pill/Appointment
  • Location of Pill/Objects
  • Familial Relations

Empower Them with Modern Technology.

Voice technology makes it easier to provide care, and bridges the tech gap.

No more alarms. No more beepers. No more babying.
A real voice for real conversations.

Let your loved one regain control.

Now they can:
  • Proactively manage their schedule – inform Memory when tasks are completed
  • Schedule their own appointments
  • Play the music they love – simply ask Memory
  • View pictures of loved ones.

Get Back to What Matters Mosts!

No More What If's. Live Free with Confidence.

Opt-in to receive text message notifications when a
reminder is and isn't acknowledged.

Stay confident knowing:
  • They've acknowledged their reminders and appointments
  • The device is on and awake
We'll notify you and make sure there's never anything to worry about.