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Remote Access

Busy at work? Stuck at an event?

Easily create reminders anywhere, anytime.
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The MemoryMap

Get their attention with loud, clear reminders.

Our MemoryMap will speak reminders in your voice or its own.
No more alarms. Just genuine conversation and clear visuals.

SMS Notifications

Stay in control with text confirmations

Opt in to receive text message notifications
when a reminder is and isn't acknowledged.

Our Users Love Memory

"My parents are up in Oregon so it is difficult for me to help them out. Memory was the perfect solution for my parents: I could not only customize my pill reminders or display them whenever I wanted to—I also got a notification when they turned off the reminder."

- Brittney Myers, Daughter and Full-Time Worker

"My 89 year old mother lives with me and we currently have various caregivers therapists appointments medications of all sorts of to manage. With Memory, I can easily input all of them, even at work ... She’s never missed an appointment since.

- Jamie Castillo, Daughter and Caregiver

"With Memory, I can set reminders from the United States for my mum who lives in the United Kingdom. The web portal is intuitive and easy to use. I get the a peace-of-mind that she’s remembering because I am notified through my phone whenever she acknowledges a reminder!"

- Krishnan Sinha, Son and Global Worker

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